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  • Cili Panda Monthly Meal Plan

    🌟 Cili Panda Monthly Meal Plan (Mon – Fri) 🍽

    Experience the convenience and deliciousness of the Cili Panda Monthly Meal Plan! Sign up now and enjoy a hassle-free dining experience!

    #Collect 1 sticker and get a free CILI PANDA bento! 🎁

    ⚠ Each sticker is valid for one year.
    ⚠ Closed on holidays.
    ⚠ Prepared by restaurant-grade chefs.

    Sign up for our meal plan today and savor the essence of Cili Panda’s cuisine, delivered straight to your doorstep.

    📞017-578 4215


    🌟 Cili Panda 餐饮计划(周一至周五)🍽

    尽情享受Cili Panda 餐饮计划带来的便捷与美味!立即报名,畅享无忧用餐的体验!

    #收集1张贴纸即可获赠免费的CILI PANDA便当!🎁

    ⚠ 每张贴纸有效期为一年
    ⚠ 假日休息
    ⚠ 由餐厅级别的厨师精心烹制

    立即报名我们的餐饮计划,品味Cili Panda美食的精华,直接送到您家门口。

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